Add shortcut to a script?

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Is anyone aware what stopped this feature request from being merged? It was said that it could allow assigning shortcuts to python scripts.

It would be a really useful feature - I'm trying to assign a shortcut to the "" script.



0015617: custom buttons and shortcut for scripts (the feature request you linked to) does not contain any code that could be merged.

i guess, that a toolbar (with shortcuts) would be easy to implement in some way, and it would be just a bit harder to implement it well.
if somebody (with programming skills) wants to give it a try, i can help.

adding keyboard shortcuts is harder and, probably, currently not possible without some changes in the way scribus defines the shortcuts.
but as you can read in the linked pages, you can use the action search (and a well crafted script name), to start a script with the keyboard (if you're not faster with alt r r s enter to run the latest recent script in the navigation...)

personally, the one thing i'd like to have is 0015579: [PATCH] add user's scripts to the navigation, which has a patch that needs testing (and from what i read, also some feedback on why a specific thing does not work).
i have not touched (nor used) for a while so i don't know what's the state of the patch.
but i can work on it, if somebody joins in...


Yes, it would be nice if Scribus had this feature. I made a script and I also want to apply a keyboard shortcut to it, but I can't.