Windows / Linux files compatibility?

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Hello everyone,

I used Scribus with Linux (Ubuntu) for 6 years, and I just come back to Windows. My question is:
- Can I work on windows with my Scribus files created with Linux / Ubuntu? It seems does not work. Does it exist something to convert the files?

Thanks for the response!



yes, you can move the scribus files from a computer to another one.

but, depending of how the document has been used, you will likely need to use "file > collect for output" on the "original" computer.

for the more details, "does not work" is quite a broad concept... : - )


Thanks for response.

I note for "files / collect output". In fact I found the solution, it was the version of Scribus downloaded that was causing the problem. By replacing it with the most recent one, everything is back to normal.

I think this discussion can be closed.



hang on, so different version can render the same file differently?
something to watch out for with a new version on the verge of release.


the 1.4.x releases should all have the same rendering.

starting from the more recent 1.5.x this is not given anymore.

scribus is using an external library for rendering the text and that library seems not to be that stable yet.
that's probably related to the support of modern opentype features.

as far as i know, jean is planning to keep for longer times the same versions of the library and ensure some sort of stability for the windows builds.
but on linux it will be harder, since scribus will be using the version installed by the system.