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I post an issue about RTL ( right to left of paging)

there is tow patches, and i did not find tutorial for to patch scribus for see if the pach works or not of RTL. (

and They say to me to come in scribus forum for to ask here about how to patch !

i whish someone can help me of it and say to me how to do clearly, i am a new of scribus

Thnk you 


hi help

i guess that your issue is about how to apply a patch.

first the slightly bad news: it seems to me that what you downloaded is not the latest patch by fahad.
here is the latest one:


  • it's unlikely that you will get those two patches that are 5 years old to merge into current code.
  • you need basic programming skills to get the scribus code, apply a patch to it and then compile the resulting code.

on top of it, as fahad wrote in a note slightly after the one linked above, you can find more up to date code in but five year later, that code is also getting old.
still, it might easier to get and compile that code, if you want to see how the feature discussed in the ticket are implemented.
depending on the operating system you're using, it will be more or less easy to to get scribus compiled (the easiest path probably being on linux).

all this having being said, while the code in the HOST repository is not up to date  anymore and probably unfinished, it can be interesting for somebody, who would like to help with getting scribus to support arabic (and other RTL languages).
you will need rather good c++ skills (or the will to learn much) and loooooot of patience to succeed, though.

i really don't want to scare you away, and if after having read all this you still want to try to apply the patch, just say so and i can try to give you instructions for applying a patch or for compiling HOST's code.
as a minimum, i will need to know which OS you're using and how good are your programming skills.

have a nice evening


Thank you A.L.E for your quick Answer,

I am using WINDOWS 10 pro always and some times Linux, like DEEPIN or UBUNTU or other distribution on virtual box.

I prefer in first time On windows, and if the procedure it s look like the same i want it to do it on linux and maybe mac, Bbecause i need RTL for maging and not just for me because we a team and we need it for writing arabic book.

So windows 10 pro
My level of coding it s look like a child, i gad to lean a C langage on codebloks, wit a tutorial form youtube not more.

maybe if you have a time i know is not easy, do video for show all stemps !. no . or a PDF we screen shot ...

like that if i have the procedure, and if new patch i ll can to use them until when scribus put the real RTL on the new version including page !

Yes i want try i am not afraid if the tutorial will be clear with all steps slear too !

thank you a lot

And thank for help

If the patch will not work it will be pity and i ll wait the new version of scribus whish will includ the RTL

Thank you again


so, let's try.

in order to get a modified version of scribus (with a patch), you need to compile the scribus sources on your computer.

since you have learned some c, you should know what that means : - )

on windows, there are three things that you need to do, to get started:

- get visual studio from the microsoft site (there should be a free version of it)
- get the scribus code from the HOST repository:
- install the necessary libraries according to

then you will be able to compile scribus!

also, you might find this i wrote some time ago useful:
(but it might not be 100% up to date)

i would say that you can start getting visual studio (not visual studio code!) and use it to get the source code through git.

if questions arise (and they will!) just ask in here or in irc (i will mostly not be there, but other people might be there to help you in an interactive way).

happy hacking!


HI a l e,

You said the truth and write, the procedure of compiling it s littls hard, i was thinks more easier,
And i never use QT, and a littl bit visual for learning code from tutorial, nothing more.

and too my english is not so perfetc for understanding subltility of some instruction maybe.

If in linux it s more easier maybe lets try with linux,

i ll try to find on youtube if some one can explain about that procedure and show it by vidéo, some times i can di bt test but that it hight lever of me maybe or maybe it s just i did not understand all .

Pity snif, sorry if i lost your time, if realy on linux its more easier i can try by linux but i do not know if thet procedure you gives me before it s the same !