How to display e-mail symbol 1F4E7 ?

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I would like to insert this symbol in a document on Linux (debian 12) with Scribus 1.5.8.
I dont't know what font I must use.

Have you an idea ?

Thanks for your help

PS. Sorry for my english...


Well, you need to use a font that has the glyph. So the first thing is to find a font that has it.



Thanks for your response.
Yes, I know that I must use a specific font but I have searched during hours and I haven't found.

Perhaps has someone an idea ?


I have tried to copy paste the character from a website into a Scribus text frame, and all I got is one of those stupid squares (the ones shown when the glyph is missing...).

Before that I had tried adding the glyph with "Insert > Glyphs" and copy pasting the code, and that broke my instance of Scribus: don't try it at home.
(I have made a bug report for that.)

Back to the character, I could successfully paste.

I have then installed the font "Noto Emoji" from Google fonts (, restarted Scribus and there it is the "wonderful" email sign : - )

That should work also for you!


Thank you very much. It works perfectly !! :)


Jean has fixed the bug

and now one can use "Insert > Glyph" to add the character 1F4E7.