Requesting VPAT and HECVAT

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Hi everyone,

We are looking to use Scribus for our organization (college) but we need a VPAT and HECVAT or at least documentation that we attempted to contact a representative (developer, community manager, someone directly involved in the creation of the software) requesting these items.

Would it be possible for a representative to contact us via email so that we can discuss these two items?


Specifically the On-Premise form

I understand that this might not make sense, or even the correct way to go about this, but it's just administrative red tape that I have to go through. If there is no response, I can simply go through another route set by our IT but I need to make an honest effort at contacting the developers. We simply need to go through an accessibility and security check.


i guess that if you want anybody to do something for you (for free!) you need to give much more exact instructions on what is needed.

i have skimmed the two links and it seems that VPAT boils down to how Qt implements accessibility on the platform of your choice.

HECVAT probably does not apply since there is no purchaser or platform that will get any of your data (except your IP address in the logs, when you download something from

the suggestion i can make to you (as one of the lead members of the scribus community... whatever that means):
upload here pre-filled documents (if possible in open formats) and let the scribus team go through them to check that they are correct.

the other way, is to pay a "company" that promotes scribus to fill the documents for your. i can give you some addresses if needed.

or consider this a successful attempt at contacting the project and call it a day (since in the case of scribus and your context, VPAT and HECVAT probably have little to no relevance).