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A few years ago I created a new graphic profile for the Swedish organization Critics of Hunting (including a new website made with Drupal). As I didn't know Scribus at that time I settled for using InDesign for the magazine (a important consideration was that the regular layout person only knew InDesign).

Because she didn't have the time to do #3 this year I'd do it. A good opportunity to let Scribus create some magazine pages! The graphic template was re-created by running Scribus/Ubuntu in VirtualBox in a separate window on my Windows 7 machine (which also ran InDesign CS). Transfering the template took about 3 hours (for a couple of template pages and paragraph and character styles).

The magazine is in A5-size, b/w with a color cover. Except for some strange behavior caused by three SVG diagrams (later converted into bitmaps), everything went quite smoothly. In fact, I think Scribus handles better than InDesign for the "ordinary" work.

I used GIMP for image treatment.

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I am looking for a good template in A5 size.
Can you share your "jaktdebatt"?

// Regards rbh