German translation for small caps and petite caps

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At the German-speaking community here:

I think the German translation for "small caps" and "petite caps" is not correct.

Currently, there is the following translation:
Small Caps = Kapitälchen
Petite Caps = Kleine Kapitälchen

"Kapitälchen" is the smallest size of a capital. It can't be smaller.

Character size from biggest to smallest:
Capitals = full height
Small Caps = bigger than x height
Petite Caps = x height

I think the correct translation should be:
Petite Caps = Kapitälchen (because it is a Capital with x-height)
Small Caps = Vergrößerte Kapitälchen (because it is a bigger version of a petite cap or a smaller version of a capital)

What do you think?


hi tim_occ

you're right.'kapitälchen' means 'x-height'.
(but i think, it was usually translated to 'small caps'. traditionally the height had a difference of something around 10% between the english and the german typography.)
your suggestion ('kapitälchen' for 'petite caps' and 'vergrösserte kapitälchen' for 'small caps') seems to be correct.