Transifex - Scribus, Scribus 1.4.x and ScribusStable projects

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This morning I received a notification that a new project ScribusStable has been added to Transifex.

Would someone care to explain the differences between these three projects and which one should receive preference OR should be ignored in taking care of untranslated strings?

Also, I get the impression that the newly added ScribusStable project is not (yet) linked to the glossary. Could this be fixed?


Per our conversation via Transifex:
- Scribus on Transifex is for Scribus Trunk, currently v1.7.0+
- Scribus 1.4.x on Transifex will be archived, as we are no longer developing 1.4.x
- ScribusStable on Transifex will be for Scribus 1.5.x/1.6.0. I have imported the TS files from SVN into it