How to give pages a dotted pattern background

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How to create pages with a dotted pattern background
In relation to my bullet journal template I was asked how I created the dotted pattern, which I use on some pages (as seen in the image below). This is a just short tutorial on how to set this up yourself.

  • Scribus can load patterns from SVG files. You can create your own pattern with Inkscape, or, if you would like to create a dot-pattern like above, you can download and "Save as.." the pattern.svg file from my repository.
  • Open your scribus project. Go to EditColors and Fills. Click on the section called Patterns. On the right-hand side, press Load File and choose the pattern SVG file. By default Scribus imports your pattern file and names it "pattern" (you can rename it to e.g. dot-pattern if you like).

  • If you wish to apply the pattern to the page background, I suggest creating a master page by going to EditMaster Pages
  • Create a large rectangle shape (Insert → Shapes → Default Shapes → Rectangle) that takes up the entire page.
  • Select the rectangle, go to Properties (F2), Colors section. Under Fill tab, set the Fill Mode dropdown to Pattern. Select your pattern from the list.


And that's it!

Some piece of advice: Repeating an SVG pattern can cause some performance issues. For that reason I suggest you put the shape in a layer which is hidden during Scribus editing, but exported for print.