Spell Hilighting in preview mode

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After a document is complete I usually set preview mode for review and read it. If I spot something wrong, I return in "edit mode", fix and return in preview mode.
During this review would be really useful also a way to activate/deactivate spell check highlighting, so that at the same time you can have a whole view of the document and quickly spot text with words wrong or anyway not present in our language dictionary.

I usually don't use spell check within Scribus, but if I well understood it works per text frame. So you have to be in "edit mode", not in preview mode, have to select a specific text frame, and finally activate spell check by pressing Shift+F7.
That's OK when you are editing a text directly within Scribus, but isn't useful when reviewing.

Sometimes I review my documents out of Scribus, after exporting to PDF.
I use Okular as PDF viewer. Maybe it has a feature for highlight spelling but I can't find it...

Is there somebody who has ideas to achieve my goal with Scribus or with a PDF viewer (better if it is some open and "Free" software)?
I mean, preview a document for review and turn on/off spell highlight with a quick button or shortcut?

Thanks in advance!