how to keep a tool selected?

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Hi! I'm trying to draw several freehand lines, but each time I finish a trace, the drawing tool is deselected and return to the default arrow for select/move objects.
It seems to happen with others tools as the text tool, shapes, etc.
Is there any option to avoid this behaviour?


you can check "insert > sticky tools"

but i would not want to draw free hand lines in scribus... at least not in a number that make selecting the tool painful...


Thanks! I coudn't find the option myself. ::)


personally, i never enable the sticky tool.

in my experience, it's better to learn (or to look up) the key for activating the tools.

i know the "important" ones (t for the text frames and i for images) and just press the letter before starting to "draw" the frame.
(one hand on the keyboard the other one on the mouse...)

for the free hand i had to check (by putting the mouse cursor on the icon in the toolbar) and then i could use the "f" key to draw several free hand lines...

but, again, i'm not sure that the free hand tool is really something one should be using...