Install custom created font on Windows

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I need help, I literally don't understand how does this page work so I apologize if this issue does not belong to this forum
Context: I created a font on Calligraphr and I am trying to add it to my Scribus document, however, it does not appear when I try to add it.
I found different websites that explain to add it in "fonts" "new path" without having any document open, but when I try to find my fonts, it says "no criteria coincides with the search", help
I have version 1.4.8 and my font is .otf (btw, I also tried with .ttf)


did you install the font in your system?

on linux just copy or symlink it to ~/.fonts
then restart scribus so it can find the font

note that scribus is a little picky about the fonts that it will use

annnddd  how about moving up to 1.5.8  ????


I installed it (clicked install on the TrueType) but I still can't see it, do I have to do something besides that?
btw, I have Windows. I can't move up to 1.5.8 because the professor required us to do what I am doing in this version.
Thank you!


What version of windows are you using and what font are you trying to use in your document? (Plus where did you get the font?)
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.5
Advanced hobbyist


I have Windows 10 and I created the font on a Website called calligraphr ( https://www calligraphr com ), the fonts are .otf and .tff