Error : Applied Master Page has different page destination

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I got a series of errors on export and I don't know how to fix them.
Is there someone who can help me fix them easily ?


You can ignore the image errors for now. One is image dpi is lower than the threshold setting, there is another that the dpi is higher than the threshold.

The Text426 has an overflow issue, which means that potentially all your text isnt showing in that text box.

The master page issues will be a little trickier. this might be that you reapplied the master page to from what was originally applied, and scribus, look over how these were applied. Have not used master pages yet, so not sure where to look to fix or point you to a solution to correct that issue. I'm sure someone here can.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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hi giovanni

the text overflow is a real problem. look closely at every frame reported in the report.
the image resolution of 114ppi may be a bit low. (depending on the printer and the needed quality it may be an issue or not...) the super high resolution of 3129ppi can either be ignored or (if you need more influence at the downsampling) it might be resized in an image processing program.
the 'wrong master pages issue' often results when you delete or insert single pages in a double sided layout. if you have different inner and outer margins or different items on right and left master pages (like an offset pagination...), it needs to be fixed. you may apply the 'normal right' masterpage to all odd pages and 'normal left' to all even pages. ('page' → 'apply master page') this will correct the issue with masterpage objects like the mentioned pagination. but it won't shift the content to different margins. here you need to move them manually. (use 'page' → 'snap to guides'.)
depending on your layout it may help to group the content of an entire page before moving.
if you don't have different inner and outer margins and your master pages contain only centered objects and the same on the left and right page, you may either ignore the entire warning or apply the correct mps as mentioned above just to get rid of the warning.