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Scribus 1.4 on Windows 7

My document is 36 x 54 picas (6 x 9 in.), facing right and left pages. I have crop marks on in the PDF document settings. How come I get part of the facing page when I generate the PDF? In other words, how can I get each page from my Scribus document exported on single pages in the PDF version? I do not mind if it is printable, I simply want a PDF to read on-screen with the exact layout as in Scribus.

I tried printing with PDF Creator. Many information disapeared, most of the linked text boxes and all the lines that were tagged with PDF bookmarks (unfortunately, those lines contained all the titles). I was left with intitled parcels of text with many blank pages in between. I flushed that PDF version due to frustration.

If my page size was 33 x 51 picas (half-letter), can I generate a PDF version with facing pages on a letter-size paper?