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Hello everyone

I am editing a fanzine that displays the pagenumber on the image of a paintstroke. I have edited the publication as a A4 to be folded afterwards, so each one contains two of these paintstroke images. The problem is all the pages contain fullpage images and as I upload them each the paintstroke just disappears behind them. I don't know how to set the paintstroke as the image that appears on the front, placed on both corners of the page in the bottom. I have edited the masterpage to have the two paintstrokes automatically inserted but I would like to know if there is a way to determine automatically the image that goes on the front.
Thank you very much for your help!


did you try mucking about with the layers?
I think I got it to work, maybe.
edit the m/p and put the paint stroke and page number on a layer above say a middle layer.
Then put your inserted images on the pages on some layer under that top layer say a middle layer.
The page numbers and paint graphic should stay on top of your images.


hi maria

if you use scribus 1.5.8 (what i would suggest...) your master pages may contain different layers. if you place your paintstroke on a layer on top of the layer with the images, it won't disappear.
i once wrote a tutorial about the use of multi layered master pages. (it's in german – sorry!)

scribus 1.4.x doesn't support multi layered master pages. but if you're still there, you should ubgrade...


edit: i didn't see the reply from patjr...