Export without icc profil ?

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Hello Scribus forum.

Unless I am mistaken, when I create a document with scribus, the icc color profile is integrated by default.

Can someone tell me if I can (and how) export .pdf and images WITHOUT including an icc color profile?

Under scribus 1.5.8. and 1.4.8.



See if this works.  In the Export to PDF option, the window that opens should have a Color tab. There is a box to check/uncheck  to use a color profile. Try unchecking that and see if it doesnt embed a color profile.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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Thanks for the answer.
How to "check" if the profile is not embedded ? (Without proprietary software such as Adobe Acrobate Pro)
Do free online tools do this ?

https://www.bitsgalore.org/2021/09/06/pdf-processing-and-analysis-with-open-source-tools ?


I can check with this one:


With the button "Embeded ICC profiles"


If you know other online tools of this type to check it, please let me know. I find out.