How to create a file from right to left (RTL)?

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How can I change the direction of the page order in the file, so that the file will "work" like a book that is written from right to left (RTL)?


Forgot to mention;
I work on scribus 1.5.8
on Windows 11 Pro


for the current document , you need to open

file > document setup

and choose "document sections" in the left panel.

for each section that needs to be RTL, you can click on the "Reversed" checkbox.

as far as i know, you need to do it for each document you create.


Thanks for the explanation.
But this "Reversed" produces a file where the pages start from the bottom. That means I work "backward".
The question is - how will it print the file?
I intend to send the book for printing - will that keep the order?
How can I check it?