Improve performance when opening files?

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Hello, :-)

I'm musician, and I'm testing several softwares to include in my "workflow", so I work with large scores, like operas and things like that,...

I love scribus,...but it is very slow opening bigger than 50 pages pdf,...(several 7-10 minutes)
Once they are open it works fine,...

Is there something I could do to make it faster the opening?

I'm in win10 version is 1.5.8 64bits

Thank you very much. :-)


don't think much will help

limit the number of fonts installed
don't close the file, just leave it open and save early and often
only run scribus with only very minimal other applications open

throw hardware at it
  more memory
  faster memory
  hot rod CPU

maybe run it on linux (fedora, mint, debian, ubuntu, ...)

but you probably already thought of these


The issue is that you are opening a pdf and not a native scribus file.
What is the goal here of using the pdf? what is your workflow like?
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
Advanced hobbyist