Fonts unavailable in 1.5.8 appimage

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Been using Scribus 1.4.8 with no problems, just now run up 1.5.8 appimage and found that most of a commercially purchased family of otf fonts which I have been using without issues in 1.4.8 are either not available at all or have been incorrectly substituted in 1.5.8. Attd Screenshot-6 shows the font listing from 1.4.8, -3 from 1.5.8 where most of the Berthold Akzidence Grotesk family are either missing or misdirected. It doesn't seem possible to edit the incorrect filepaths, at least through the font preferences page, and setting the correct font path as 'additional' has no apparent effect. As the image shows, the single font in this group which does appear to be available normally in 1.5.8 (BAG Light) happens to have a duplicate of the file in a different (home) directory.
System is MX Linux 19, 64 bit. Been using these fonts for years in Scribus /    nkscape / LibreOffice etc without issues.
Any thoughts on what is happening and how to fix it gratefully received.


not an answer here
maybe try a flatpak version or native repo install

I have seen issues with the appimage versions and having to rebuild your font cache