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It used to be that I remained logged in indefinitely. Even if I restarted the computer, as soon as I launched Firefox and opened the bookmark I would be logged in. The forums remembered me.

Now I am getting logged out every few hours. I haven't tested to find out exactly how long, but it's a couple of hours or less. It's annoying to have to keep logging in. And I must be logged in or I won't be able to see new posts.  :(

Has something changed recently? Is there a setting I can change?

could be a cookie problem with your browser.



--- Quote from: utnik on March 23, 2012, 09:20:58 am ---could be a cookie problem with your browser.
--- End quote ---

Doubtful. I have made no changes to cookies (always fully enabled). And if it was cookies and the forums required cookies I wouldn't be able to log in at all.

Well, I finally figured it out. The problem started about the first of the year, although I only just now realized it. It came with the forum upgrade to 2.0.2 on December 29, 2011.

I had the main forums page open in Firefox, carefully scrolled down so that the teardrops for all the forums would be just visible. I would reload the page once or twice a day. If a teardrop went dark I knew there was a new post in that forum so I would read the post to see if I knew anything that might help. Occasionally I would write an answer.

But if you are logged out the page reloads the same as before, except no teardrops go dark, even if there are new posts in the forum. For three months I did not realize I had been logged out and kept wondering why there were no new posts. I finally decided to ask here if there was something wrong with the forums, and that is when I discovered that I had been logged out. After logging in I discovered three months of new posts that I had been unaware of.

I participate in other forums and web sites where I must log in. They all just leave me logged in. Many even automatically log me in, realizing who I am from my IP address. If I have to log in every hour to use these forums it is too much trouble. Much as I love Scribus and try to help where I can, I'll just stick with the listserve and not bother with the forums from now on. One less Firefox tab to keep open.

The "Always stay logged in" option should work.


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