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I'm working with the calendar script. It generated a great calendar. I'm trying to get the date to appear higher in the text box. Apparently that is Vertical Alignment.
So I look at Style Manager. I see Par_Style_Date, based on Char_Style_Date. I found instructions to  find: "Text Properties; Click on Column & Text Distances; On the first line, change Vertical Alignment".
But I don't find that. Have these menus changed since that was posted?


that's under the Content Properties (F3)
sorry, I dunno how to set that for the paragraph style
seems like there should be a frame style tag ....
maybe down the road there will be?


Thank you. This worked
Window / Content Properties / Columns and Text Distances / Vertical Alignment / Top

But how do I edit the style so that "Alignment / Top" applies to all the dates?
I have Style Manager open, and Content Properties. When I changed the dates to align left that affected all dates on the calendar. That was great. Is Vertical Alignment different because it's on the Style Manager window. But Vertical Alignment is on the Text Properties window?

Also, I can't even manually select all the dates on one month on the calendar. I would have to select each date one at a time and select Align Top for each one separately.


Scribus saves files in xml format (.sla), so you can open sla file in text editor (I prefer notepad++) and change VAlign from 0 to 1 in dates PAGEOBJECT parent elements.
Backup before editing.


Sorry, in 1.5 Scribus version in .sla file in PAGEOBJECT element for top VAlign is "0" (default), for middle is "1" and for bottom is "2".