Author Topic: Making double-sided business cards. Help wanted please!  (Read 5985 times)


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Making double-sided business cards. Help wanted please!
« on: March 23, 2012, 03:26:22 am »
Hi ladies and gents,

I'm a new Scribus user and I need to know how to make double-sided business cards for my job. Could someone please tell me how to do so?

Cheers!  :)


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Re: Making double-sided business cards. Help wanted please!
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2012, 08:17:19 am »
hi spiceysugar

open a new document:
  • single pages layout
  • two pages
  • dimensions of the desired business card
  • bleeds color profiles and pdf version as indicated by your printshop
…where exactly is the problem?



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Re: Making double-sided business cards. Help wanted please!
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2012, 01:37:26 pm »
hi spiceysugar,

you don’t tell us how new you are to Scribus in your post, so let us assume that you are know little about this work.

There are several ways of creating a back to back document, it mostly depends on your printer. Some printers have what is called a duplex system. That is they automatically turn the paper over to print on the other said.

But if you haven’t got such laser printer it can be done in other ways.  Our laser printer has no duplex system. It prints on the under said of the paper; that is the bottom near the paper tray.  The way to find out on which said of pencil paper your printer works is mark the paper with a pencil or biro and place it in the tray with the mark upwards, if then you print something and that is on the said you have marked then that is how your printer works.

Now to your card, you can purchase pre perforated sheets of cards, some with graphics already on them and you just add the details. We have some for example by “DECAdry” which  has 10 pre perforated cards on the A4 sheet.

If you then look up the reference number that is on the margin such as “DECAdry” 327 you can get a template

I went on

Now just to print on the other side you print on the one said then turn the paper sheet over, now this can very from one printer to the other but having experimented to see ho yours work it should be easy.

If you use the Export to PDF in Scribus and layout the cards, the front on one sheet/page and the back on the other page.

There are several card templates that come with Scribus but you must get the correct size for your paper. If you are going to use these I would make all the sections on the card into layers so that you can change name and or position of the person.

I do hope it helps.