Scribus 1.5.8 on windows10 very slow.

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I am using Scribus for years now.
I have a "sensation" that he is very slow. I use some scripts also, they could work for "some" minutes, second before.
Is it possible that a Windows Update could be the explination ?
WIN10PRO - 21H2 - Build 19044.2846 - Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0



It is probably more an issue of the performance of your PC, especially how much RAM you have.


I agree with Nermander.
The OS version is unlikely to be critical

I suggest you update your profile with your hardware spec
- CPU, RAM and Disk type (SSD or HDD)

I've just bought a desktop with 12th Gen Core i5-12400, 8GB RAM + SSD
The difference from my laptop AMD A8-6410, 16GB RAM, + SATA SSD is HUGE
The old AMD CPU scored a PassMark of 1,760
The new Intel CPU score a PassMark of 19,492
1xWin 10 bog std 2015 laptop   AMD A8-6410, 16GB RAM, SATA SSD
1xWin 11 bog std 2022 desktop   Core i5-12400. 8GB RAM, NVMe SSD

Scribus v1.5.8 64bit on both
in IT for 60 odd years, but little DTP experience