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I've made a book with 20 pages. With a leftpage and a rightpage with different margins.
Now I delete page 5 (rightpage). So page 6 (leftpage) is now page 5. With "apply masterpage" I can change the layout of page 5, so now page 5 is a rightpage.
But the textframes did not change from position. They are outside the left margin. I can move them manualy frame by frame, and put them inside the margins. But that's a lot of work.
How can I do this automaticly?


I've made a proposal for an extension to the "apply master page" dialog:

if jean and craig agree with it, i can try to work on the "real" code behind it.



as a warm up i've created this script to horizontally move all items in a list of pages:

# horizontally move all the items in a list of pages by a give amount
# © mit, ale rimoldi, 2023

    import scribus
except ImportError:
    print('This script must be run from inside Scribus')

pagesString = scribus.valueDialog("", "Page numbers (separated by commas)")
horizontalMovement = int(scribus.valueDialog("", "Horizontal movement (in the current unit)"))

for page in [int(p.strip()) for p in pagesString.split(',')]:
        for item in scribus.getPageItems():
            scribus.moveObject(horizontalMovement, 0, item[0])
    except Exception as e:

download it as a raw file from github or copy the code above to your computer and run it from inside scribus.

it will ask for a list of pages and and and an amount of "current unit" to move all the items.

warning: i've not tested it, just programmed it, but it might help you.

all in all, in page layout it's always a good idea to always remove/add pairs of pages (when you're working with double sided layouts...) but sometimes one has to do crazy things...


Dear a.l.e.
This works perfect. You did a wonderful job. Thank you very much.
I just had to figure out how much I had to move, in my case 16.

Thank you very much


Quote from: a.l.e on March 30, 2023, 05:42:42 PMas a warm up i've created this script to horizontally move all items in a list of pages:
I hope this will be included in future releases.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
Advanced hobbyist


personally, i hope that the script will not be included!
it's really just a small script that solves a very specific problem.
something that should be in a collection of scripts, as it is now.

but, as i wrote above, i'm also working on adding to the "apply master page" dialog an option to move the frames according to the left/right margins


and THAT should be in scribus... if it indeed solves the problem...



I edit a community magazine which is A5 and usually around 32 to 44 pages. It's a pain in the you-know-what when most of the content is in, but it all needs rearranging so it makes more sense!

I've learned to work in pairs of pages so that everything stays in its margins. When the flow of the document is making sense I delete any remaining blank pages, use 'Apply Master Pages' to get all the inside/outside margins and page numbers where they should be, then do a final manual scan through the document checking for and correcting positioning errors.

I don't particularly want to apply patches. I'd rather wait until ale's update (hopefully) gets merged into a release - it looks as though it'll be particularly useful in my case.


hi derek

i've only seen much later craig's comment on the ticket.

as soon as i have some time, i will try to answer his questions and, if necessary, improve the patch to take care of welded items and groups.

in the meantime, i guess that you can use the script mentioned above.