1/4 inch margins become 1/2 inch when printed

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After setting all margins to 1/4 inch in Document Setup and in PDF Export, the margins in the printed version measured a 1/2 inch each when printed from an exported PDF file by my local print shop. Did I miss something?


You get the extra 1/4 inch as you are adding 1/4" bleeds to your document that have a 1/4" margin. 1/4"+1/4" = 1/2".
Check with your printer they may want you to add bleed marks to your document, that way they will know to trim the pages.

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what AdmFubar said

I would suggest usually ticking the 'Use Document Bleeds'
then the bleed area will be what you set it to for your document, can make the output more predictable.


Sounds as if the print shop printed the bleed area. Whether that is correct or not depends on your page size and the paper size the printer uses.

For example if I design an A4 document with 10 mm bleed and the printer prints this on A4 paper, I would expect that the bleed is not printed (because the document would have to be scaled down to fit the bleed on the paper).

If the printer however prints on larger paper and then cut them to A4, I would expect the bleed to be printed and then mostly cut off when the paper is cut.