Can you flag objects for later review?

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I'm wondering if there is a way to mark certain parts of a document for later review?

My problem or 'use case' is this: I often find myself in a situation where some questionable date or information in the document needs to be verified by consulting another person. Usually, this means I have to write an e-mail to said person, asking for clarification, and wait for a reply for one or more days. In the meantime, I go on working on the document. Of course, occasionally I forget a pending clarification and send the document to the 'printing plant' (?) anyway. Obviously, this sucks. :-)

I guess what I'm looking for is some sort of built-in issue tracker for documents.

If I was granted a wish, I would ask for a tool that lets me mark or flag a textframe, paragraph or even word, and add a comment. The mark should stay attached to the word, even if the textframe got moved to another page during editing. Ideally, there should be a notification if I tried to export to PDF while there still were unresolved flags.

Do you know if Scribus has some tool similar to this? Any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance!



crude but,
you could make a new layer above the rest and then just draw a box symbol over the target area and color it yellow or something and make the layer like 30% transparent
set the review layer to non-printing and turn off any wrapping for the symbol

sorry, I couldn't get any of the marks or pdf bookmarks to work for me

bang on


Actually a pretty cool idea, thanks! Then there will be at least some visual highlighting for me that does not interfere with exporting/printing.

If there will be a more sophisticated functionality for this in a future release, I would be glad to help developing it.


Have a look at the "Attributes" feature. It exists in version 1.5.8 and probably earlier.

You can pre-define your custom attributes under Document Setup.

Then in your document, just right-click your object and click on Attributes. Then you can add your own attribute as needed. For example make one that is called "waits for OK from boss". Then maybe make it boolean and define for yourself that Value "1" is approved (already) by the boss and "0" is still waiting or refused by the boss.

I cannot tell you, where to quickly see a list of all objects with attribute "not-ready". Maybe just search throught the .sla XML file?

There is something about "Item Attribute Name" under Properties in the Table of Contents feature. Maybe you can indeed generate a "table" based on all objects that carry one of your custom tags. Need to read up, sorry.


Presently using Scribus 1.5.8 on Windows and on Linuxes.
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