Style Editor issues - 1.5.5. also 1.5.8

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This post should be in bugs report but it is offline. Here goes:

Scribus Version 1.5.5
Build ID: C--T-*-C1.16.0-Windows-64bit
Using Ghostscript version 9.27

(also 1.5.8)

After importing text, and deciding to 'undo' this, the undo button is greyed out.

When importing text and ticking the 'prefix styles with item name' selection box, it does not work: the document name is not appended to the styles already present in the imported document, meaning there is some guesswork in removing styles at a later stage.

The Style Editor, F4.
The grey outline of the style editor matches the grey off page area of the background, so there is no contrast between the two, making the style editor difficult to select and drag. (I think this can be resolved via 'preference' settings though).

When deleting styles, they need to be deleted one by one.
Even if the styles grouping arrow indicates to the right hand side - ie. the styles have been 'concertina-ed' upwards,  only one style will be deleted at a time. Effectively if one imports eg. an .odt document with styles already embedded, they can only be deleted one at a time. Even if multiple styles are selected and one attempts to delete them as a selected group; suprise! only one will have been deleted.
OK, so let's attempt to delete the next unwanted style. Oh no! the style editor window has snapped upwards, meaning one must (1) drag the bottom of the window downwards to reveal all the styles. 2. Delete and repeat, again and again.


that's aggravating
maybe just export the odt to a straight text doc and then sort through that to format it the way you want?