single Line after pdf export

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I have a problem with a single Line in a few files after pdf export.
The design starts with inkscape, save as *.svg.Then open a new file in Scribus, import the svg file, convert to CMYK, save as *.sla. All looks fine. After export the file as PDF/X-1a there is a single Line which i can not find in the svg or in the sla file.
I recognized the mistake after get 4 beachflags printed by a professionel service. Ok, i have to live with that, but i don't want to do this mistake again.
What could i do?
If the files are needed for help, there is no problem. My work is under CC-BY-SA, but there is a registered Logo in it.



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14 November 2020
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out put the inkscape file as a png?

I had a similar problem a while back, what I did was open a new inkscape document and then cut and paste the graphic to it. Dunno why it work then, must have been some element that I couldn't see in the original file.