Ability to link SVG files rather than embedding it

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It would be great if we could just link svg files, rather than embed it, just like we do with images. It is indeed not convenient to have to import a new version of an svg file everytime we make a modification to it.



Our work flow is such, that we often save our document in progress, each under a new name. So we are glad that Scribus does not bloat all our versions will all those bitmaps.

If we could further reduce the file-sizes by linked SVG rather than embedded, that would help us. I see no disadvantage, since all users have to learn about bitmap-linking and about the feature "collect for output" anywy.
Presently using Scribus 1.5.8 on Windows and on Linuxes.
I am a Newbie here in the forum (since 2015) but I am using Scribus for over 10 years for work and privately.


I am assuming when you say svg that you are referring to vector artwork. Easy solution is to convert the svg to an image format such as png before placing within scribus. This will link the file instead of embedding the vector image.



I guess it is more a workaround than a solution but yes.
Your solution is not possible if you need to work with spot colors though. Or if you want a light pdf without raster images, or if you need to export to pdf 1.4 (because pdf 1.4 doesn't allow transparency).
That little implementation would be a huge improvement to the workflow.
Inkscape and Scribus are great softwares, we just need more integration between the 2. That's what is lacking the most in free softwares ironically.

Edit :
Problem discussed here as well : https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/60200/inkscape-svg-→-print-ready-eps-pdf-workflow


I also think that the "convert svg to png" is just a workaround.
At the end the main big point for SVG is to have a small PDF by the end.
I currently created a book with over 1000 chart images.

The tool that i used for the charts could export as SVG but had some minor bugs while importing the SVG into Scribus. so i had to go the nasty way to convert all images to PNG.

Another advantage from linking IMHO: updating the image! If you update the image, you could simply overwrite it to have an updated image. That's my prefered way to work with images.


Also, this way, you could potentially have vector graphics in image frames which is a feature I sorely miss from Adobe software
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