Compatibility questions on 1.4.x and 1.5.x

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Hi all, I have two questions on compatibility.
I'm very happy with the 1.4.8 version on a MacBook. But now it's time for me to upgrade from Mojave to Ventura.
I have a lot of projects created on 1.4.x, are these projects totally compatibles on the new 1.5 version?
Can I install on Mojave the 2 version 1.4.8 and 1.5.8 to test the new version and continue working with the old one? Or can I experience conflicts?


I believe they are compatible, however always work with a copy of your original file, just in case


there is no problem with installing 1.5.8 parallel to 1.4.8 on mojave tocheck the compatibility before you switch to ventura. i'm not sure if the new text engine of scribus 1.5.3 an newer will change something...
as i'm already on ventura, i cant check it. but i had no issues with old files so far...



when switching from 1.4.x to a recent 1.5.x you need to double check the layout of the text for overflows (or underflows or other change that might be relevant to the context)

if you did work in a clean way, it should be easy to check for overflows (which are the worst offenders, since parts of the text are not been shown) by running the "preflight verifier" (the check tool that is been shown when exporting to pdf...) and make sure that it does not show any warnings.

from discussion with craig and jean, the problem is related to library scribus uses to layout the text, which does not make any guarantee on the metrics across versions.