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I recently started using Scribus 1.4.8. My goal is to make a photo book of about 200 pages, each image is about 2MB. But from 140 pages, the images are no longer displayed, (we just see the name in red) as if it saturated. Is this normal, what is the limit?. If I try to make a PDF, it does not work. If I do not display the photos on the document, the problem is the same.
Excuse my bad English


Why not give 1.5.8 a try? It works very well and is more 'stable' then the unstable imply.

OS ?
free disk space on the drive you are saving the file to?
are your pictures in the same directory, sub directory as the scribus file?
all pictures jpg?
1.5.8 has an image cache setting that might help for your document?

Pat Jr.


Thank you, as I am starting out, I favored the stable version rather than the one in development, but indeed, it works with 1.5.8

I'm running W10, with a Core I5, 8GB of Ram, +300GB free on an SSD, everything in the same directory and everything in jpg.
Thanks for your suggestion



The "unstable" versions of Scribus are usually stable enough for normal use around version 1.x.5-1.x.6.