Is there an error with the "Paragraph Effects" combined with "Background Color"?

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Don't know if its an error

I am using Danish letters like the "Å" or "å" - When trying to convert the normal "highlighted text" (More precisely: The setting: colored background) (see the green circle on the added picture) to a bulleted list in the "Paragraph Effects", the "Highlighted" shifts (wrongly) (see the red circle), so  the little "bun" above the "å" is no longer highlighted

¤PC2 (01016).jpg

Can i find a way out of that?


hi t-buch

does this happen with every font?
my short test didn't show this problem. (i only tested with 'linux biolinum' on macos and scribus 1.5.8.)



Thanks for your reply - It made me rethink and track down "the bug"

The sample I uploaded works fine when i reopen it - also in verdena font - strange

But another scribus file I got continued to have "the error" (I have now uploaded that too Sample 2 Bullet Wrong.sla )

But changing the text to another font made it behave fine - and more important changing it back to "Verdena" it also looks fine. At last I found out that the bullet was in another font than verdena and that caused the misbehavior/trouble