Sending content to layers. EXTREMELY slow!

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I have loaded a PDF that, most likely, was created in Framemaker or a similar program. Scribus seems to detect the content that (prior to being converted to a PDF by the original author) was on layers. I can grab those chunks of content, and assign them to layers I have created. is glacially slow. It can take up to an hour (by which point I have often given up, thinking that it is hung indefinitely). Or, I take the dog for a long walk, have a coffee, a nap, and then check again.
My computer is quite capable of handling calculation intensive work such as running Solidworks, finite-element analysis and so forth. So I doubt that this is a hardware problem.
Any ideas / comments? Does VRAM and video-processor capability make any difference?


sorry dunno
maybe you could import the file several times to separate layers and delete chunks from each

I don't have your file so I just tried it with a couple I have handy and it seemed to work.


While Scribus today can import a PDF, the result may vary a lot depending on how the PDF was generated.

You need to remember that the PDF format was not made to be edited.

In many cases it is often easier to recreate the document in Scribus.