Why does the Scribus team prefer Subversion over Git?

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I am not looking to start a flame war, but I have been reading into versioning control systems lately and it seems like most open source development is being done using Git these days (correct me if I am wrong). So I started wondering why the Scribus develeopment team would prefer Subversion over Git.

Personally, the first content tracker I got exposed to was Git. So when I started playing around with the Scribus source code, using Subversion felt kind of awkward, because the workflow is rather different from Git. But people tend to like best what they are familiar with, and I am no exception in this case, I guess.

I do not know by far Subversion as good as I know Git, so I can not really tell what advantage Subversion might offer to the Scribus project. Which is why I thought I might as well just ask here. :-) I would like to ask this:

  • Why does the Scribus team prefer Subversion over Git? Is it just for historical reasons or are there actual features that SVN has but Git has not that are important to the project?
  • Could you imagine switching to Git (or any other system) at some point in the future? (to be more accessible to open source coders?)

Just to prevent misunderstandings: This question is not meant to be offending or criticizing. As I said, I know a little bit about Git, but I do not know much about Subversion and I simply would like to broaden my horizon. Thanks! (-:


The nice thing about Git is that YOU can use Git to manage your copy of the Scribus code TODAY.
You really don't need to use SVN if you don't want to.

In this insight, the biggest "problem" is not about the technological choice, but rather the workflows that are easier / most common with one tool or the other.

All in all, I agree with you that Scribus needs to adopt a new way to manage the contributions... and switching to Git should be part of this change.

(And having myself transitioned from working on a shared folder to CVS, then to SVN, and finally to Git, I can comfort you: SVN has no single advantage over Git... but when you're used to a tool and built a workflow around it, it can be hard to switch to something new!)