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Two things I have been looking for:

For many years we have created our brochures with Scribus, but every year I have to browse the complete text and pick all texts (for example) with a relation to the year to adapt them. For the new 2023 brochure, I have to change not only the title, but there are some pages which might say "will begin on September 1, YEAR".

So I would like to be able to make a list of variables (e. g. YEAR) at a central place in the program and then just put the appropriate variable in the text to be replaced by its contents. If there is no way yet, I could make a proposal in the proposal forum for it.

Second of all, sometimes it would be nice to be able to just have a simple function like "DATE(MM/YYYY)" to have a copyright or revision date printed.

But maybe I just oversaw these options? Thank you for your input.



in the Scribus doc, I don't think that will work but not sure
but I do know in Scribus you can setup a pdf form and use javascript to do what you want but you have to export the document to a pdf for the fields to show up
I found a youtube video that showed how to do that but it did have some old code that didn't work properly in the newer version


In Scribus 1.5.8 in the Insert menu you can find Variable text under Marks. This does what you want.

It can be edited under Edit->Marks.


Wow great!   8) All my ideas and proposals in one menu!

It has not yet been integrated into the editor, right? Do you plan to do? I would find that very handy.