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Good morning everyone

I had been wondering for a while why there is no traffic on the mailing list anymore, and now when you deprecated it and pointed to this forum, I signed in.

The first thing I noticed when browsing the forum was that an "i" is missing in the header in the word Publishing.

Just FYI  ;)

Happy layouting



Thanks.. fixed it :)

Yes, no activity on the mailing list due to spam issues causing many providers like gmail to block outgoing mail unfortunately.


So is this the place, where "old" list veterans can hang out and chat?

I came here today to find a solution and had to post my own question.

This forum will be very secure from spam, because even as a human being, I have trouble filling all the security stuff under my post. Seems I cannot even count the letters in Scribs...

Scribus is still muchly useful in our project. There are not many areas left, where Scribus cannot do what we need. Greetings.

Presently using Scribus 1.5.8 on Windows and on Linuxes.
I am a Newbie here in the forum (since 2015) but I am using Scribus for over 10 years for work and privately.