How to enlarge toolbar icons?

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I've searched but can't find information on how to make the toolbar icons larger. Is it possible to enlarge the toolbar icons?



I would like to request that future improvements include 'large toolbar icon' option.  8)
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Having just moved to a new system with an HD screen I'd also like to request that a large icon set be an option. (The existing ones are really tiny now.)


the team is waiting for Qt supporting HD screens.

the new Qt version published today should do that.

now they have to implement it (and possible wait for the new version of Qt spreads on linux...)


Sounds good to me.

Fingers crossed that the latest version of Qt is used soon.

(As for the bug tracker ticket added by Kunda, that sort of thing would be great.)


My first 'puter was a 286,
My first dtp was Aldus Pagemaker,
My first printer was a Little Squirt,
My first car was a motorbike.


I would also like the icons larger.

They are way too small on my large monitor.

Also since installing 1.5.1 from 1.4.6 I seem to have lost the more stylish icons with the colour highlights, to be replaced by boring flat two dimensional icons in black and white. The old ones weren't all that exciting but a great improvementt on the new ones.

Running Windows 10. If I run 1.4.6 I still have them.

Any suggestions?



Ozguy, in 1.5.x there's an option somewhere in Preferences - or there was the last time I looked - where you can change the icon theme but I can't remember if the old (coloured) icons are available.

The new icons came from some work that started a while back and - in some cases - is still on-going (see,1585.15.html and,1617.0.html). I've no idea what will happen in the future.


Anyone have an update on this?  Just came across the same problem.  Icons were fine for a while, but I just opened Scribus again today and they're all extremely tiny.  Disheartening to seen that it's been almost two years since this was last discussed...


Welcome to the forum Backpacker84.

Strange. Are you saying that your icons have changed size recently? I've never heard of that happening.

P.S: It's been more than two years since the stable version of Scribus had any changes so I can't see this happening any time soon except for maybe in a developmental version and there is no published roadmap for when new versions are coming.


It seems to me that adding a bigger icon set would be pretty easy, given you can now choose between icon sets. How about several sizes? An colour vs B+W?


or use svg for the icons and make the toolbar resizable :)
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