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Hi all,

I tried to register for the list scribus-dev, but I did not receive any answer.
And later, I wondered that the list were done!

Then I post here, even I might put this in the forum code.

First, I'd like to thank all the team for your great job for Scribus.
I used Scribus for many years and I'm a happy user!

Unfortunately, the French typo is not well set by Scribus and today, I
need that my documents respect perfectly the French typo of the
Imprimerie nationale of France.

I have searched for scripts that deal about typo, but no one was nice
about French typo... one of the solutions was to hack these scripts,
but there were already a hack of hacking  and the codes were too
much... confused :)

Then, I wrote a script from scratch, to have a clean basement for the
future if needed. The problem was I did not know anything in Scribus
API and I have never coded in Python (and for be precise, I hate it

I finally succeeded and there is here the result:

The script is (I'm so bad at naming a
script!). I have done a full documentation, internal and external on
my github account.

I think it could be a nice basement for typo for other languages than
French, because I have isolated the specific parts of code.

Thanks for all and I'm happy to participate a little bit after years of using,



hi pk

you could list it as a 'feature request' in the bug tracking system with your script as a solution.



Hi Utnik

Thanks. So I post FR in the BTS.