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Good morning,
I am new to Scribus and beginning to understand the productivity benefits of using Styles.
However, I am unable to find under the Table Style how to vertically align text in table cells.
I can do it 'manually' using the panel Text Properties->Columns & Text Distances->Vertical Alignment->(Top/Middle/Bottom).
Whilst I can change the alignment from Top to Middle this way, I have hundreds of cells to change.
Any advice on doing this in Styles will be much appreciated.
Thanking you in advance of your support.
Cheers Peter


hi peter

you're right. scribus' tables still lack a good portion of features.
to improve the usability it should be possible to apply a paragraph style to a table style and either to control the vertical alignment direct in the table style, or – maybe even better – to make this option available in the paragraph style.
it might be worth to add a feature request here.



by the looks of things, you want to apply formatting to the contents of the table. Once you select a table "cell" you would apply text styles , the text properties window is available after clicking the cell. if you need to apply the formatting to a lot of cells you may need to edit the .sla directly possibly doing a search and replace to add the needed style.i dont see an easy clear-cut way of doing so directly in scribus, there might be one but it is getting late here i'm too tired to look for it now. will check this route in the morning.
Using Scribus 1.5.8 openSUSE 15.5
Advanced hobbyist