inserting frames does go very very slow

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I'm on a Raspberry Pi 400, a variant of Linux and Scribus. I work with Scribus 1.4.8. My native is Dutch, so Scribus is for the major part Dutch. So it might be that I have a translation error Dutch>English, sorry for that.
The problem is that when I have a page on screen and I want to include a text or picture frame that inserting does go, stretching it out to the borders is however going very and very slow. I work with a pen (with mouse I do get RSI), I do get the feeling that the pen is sending too much coordinates to the program which in turn handle them all one by one, but if this is a large number it will take a while. So the border of the frame to be inserted does go over your mouse point in all directions and it take a while to stabilize. I did found a work around, just make a small frame and with F2 and XYZ options position the frame right. But is this the way to work or is this some kind of bug?