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Hi, Everyone.
I found a script originally posted on German Scribus User Forum written by German Developer Julius that allow you automatically create and link text frame to next pages easily. This script is based on German so I translated and localised to English for those can't understand German language (I'm a developer from China however I can understand a bit of German I think it would be nice to have it localised in English so I did that with the help of Google Translator).

To run this script you must opened a document and had a text frame selected,you also need to make sure that there are more pages than currently you had. Then execute this script it asks you to which page you want to create text frames on them then will it to be linked with each other. After that all to be done.

This script is written in Python 2 and could be used for Scribus 1.4.x also Scribus 1.5.x before 1.5.6. Also noticed that Since Scribus 1.5.7 you might do that in a better way by using Multiple Duplicate > By Page. It would not need to create more pages before creating and linking text frames to next pages and you just selected your desired text frame then duplicate it to make your work done a breeze.

If you have any questions or find grammatical error in this script please post your feedback below.

The original script posted here:
Download the localised verison via attachment.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Is there a reason why attachment is deleted?
Plugin works in Scribus 1.4.8 and adaptation to newer version is trivial.


I had to do some research and I cannot tell for sure.

But I think that the script that was attached here is an older version of,4293.msg19795.html#msg19795

and (probably) I did delete both attachments, since the current version is in the Github repository.

But, as said, I'm not even sure that it was me that deleted the attachment (even it's very likely)



It's not the same as Github script, however German site from the 1st post is online so there you can find deleted script.
If you want to use script in new Scribus just delete x in
  for page in xrange(start, end): line like this
  for page in range(start, end):.



i've seen that other attachments have also been deleted.

i recall having seen a notice, that the forum did not have much disk space left.
i guess that some admin has decided that older attachments could be deleted...



I bit off topic here... feel free to move this to the appropriate forum, how much disk space do they have for the forum? and how much is left?
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