Extending layers to bleeds and margins

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Hello everyone, from Brazil, but from a French Scribus enthusiast!

It seems to be a basic question, but I tried to find the answer to this in all sources I could and in the settings windows without success, please let me know if there is a topic already related to this :-)

When I export my file to PDF, Scribus automatically "cut" the layers to the bleeds limits, while I want exactly the contrary... I would like to send to the printer a file where the backgrounds fill the whole document, so that I limit the risks of cutting too narrow or too broad. Maybe the 2 enclosed files help to show my struggle. Any tips?

Thanks a lot in advance!


2023-03-06 22_38_05-Scribus 1.4.8 - [C__Users_pjque_OneDrive_Documentos_Aromapri_Produtos_Etiquetas_.png

2023-03-06 22_38_33-sh brilho nutrição .pdf — Mozilla Firefox.png


when you export the pdf do you have under Pre-Press "Use Document Bleeds" checked?


hi jipeji

your file looks correct. the bleed area is filled.
the black cut marks show the edges of the final page and your orange objects reach to the (dotted) bleed mark.



Hello, and thanks for the answers!

@PatJr yes i have  :)

@utnik great, got it, i wish all problems would be that easy to solve...  ;D


While it was probably not the issue here, some PDF viewers will crop the page to the cropbox when viewing it. Then they will not show the bleed area.