a few minor problems: eg setImageScale

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I'm very new to scripting in Scribus and Python so please excuse me if I appear to be making any silly mistakes.

I have found the Calendar wizard an excellent starting place to learn the scripting process, but have come across a few things that have me bamboozled.

No 1: (more to follow as I come across them!)

I can't get setImageScale to work.
I'm using vesrion 1.4.0rc3.

Here's the context:
img = createImage(0,0, self.pagex, self.imageBottom, 'img' + imagename)
loadImage(self.imgsrc + imagename + '.JPG',img)
setImageScale(.24,.24,img)      # doesn't seem to work

However, if I use setProperty( img, 'imageXScale', 0.24)
setProperty( img, 'imageYScale', 0.24)

The correct result is achieved.
(Basic aim is to set the dpi for the image from 72 to 300 to matching the printer's need).

I'm happy that I've found a work-around, but am I making a basic mistake or is there a chance there's a bug in the scripting interface?

ALSO.... can I set the page 'bleed' through scripting?

Thanks for any help and/or advice.