Applying new custom shapes to text frames

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I am working at a comic strip booklet and I wish I select dialogue balloons using a custom shape.
My dialogue balloons are hundreds and linked using the link tool.
I need to select each one and apply a custom shape unto it then further customized it if necessary
I am not satisfied with default custom shapes so I wish I could add a new category along Default Shapes, Arrow, Jigsaw (Properties -> Shape)

Here is a sample

Is it possible? This could be of great help.


How much control do you want to have over the shape? Have you tried clicking on the edit button and modifying the shape? If you edit the control points (I am not sure what is is in English), which are magenta and not blue, you can modify it further (the edit menu is not limited to moving the nodes around).

If the text box is rectangular, you can also make it have rounded edges by changing the value to the right of the edit button (but it will be greyed out if the shape you have chosen can't have rounded corners).

You can also use the polygon tool, the arc tool or the calligraphy tool to make a shape and convert it to a text frame (click on it and then go the the Object menu/right-click on it, and chose the convert option, then select Text Frame). You can make a spiral or use the bézier curve tool or the pencil tool and convert it to a polygon (but that will add a line to it in some cases as the shape has to be a "closed" shape) and then convert that to a text frame. I don't know why you would want to do that with the spiral tool though, as the text won't follow the spiral, but will just act like a text frame (but see the picture below).

Edit menu (I modified the control points, you can do this to arrows to)
Making a polygon
The polygon as a text frame
A spiral converted to a polygon, and then to a text frame