RGB color change after export

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I'm trying to export a PDF for Screen/Web but I'm having an issue with the RGB colors getting changed when exporting it. I first noticed it with RGB color 0,159,231 which ends up as 0,159,230 after export.

I've tested it with Scribus 1.5.8 in Windows and in Ubuntu. I've tried different PDF versions and I get the same issue.

To test this further I created two new RGB colors 172,172,172 and 173,173,173.
I apply each color to different objects and after export both objects will end up as RGB color 172,172,172.
It seems as if Scribus will not export RGB colors correctly after a certain threshold.

Can someone help me, am I doing it wrong?




I've been using photopea.com to open the files to verify colors as I don't have Photoshop.
Do you have a better way of verifying the colors?


It's most likely just a math issue of converting from hex to decimal and back again.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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There shouldn't be any such issues from converting between hex and decimal as long as the numbers are integers.

But it looks as some kind of rounding issue.


Tested in Scribus 1.5.8
- Exported from Scribus as Pdf  - Color Output Intended For Screen/Web
- Opened Pdf in Photoshop, checked numbers with eyedropper,
- Everything OK, got the same decimal numbers