Creating a "Go Back" option for an interactive PDF?

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I'm new to Scribus and the Scribus forums :)

I was just wondering if there is a way to

create a "Go Back" option for an interactive PDF?
I'm trying to make an interactive PDF and I need some of the pages to have a "go back" option
for example, in the final PDF if someone is reading page 20 and clicks on a hyperlink that takes them to page 12, I want to put a button on page 12 that takes them back to page 20
I tried going to field properties>action>type>JavaScript>event>mouse up
and using the script app.goBack();
(tried this with both the 1.58 and the 1.48 version )
and I also tried field properties>type>named>go back
(with the 1.58 version)
but it doesn't seem to work when I export the PDF
does anyone know how I can fix this?

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated :)