Outdated information about installation in the Mac

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I have decided to use Scribus again because I do use the three OS. So I decided to update my app in my macOS Monterey.

If I have followed the links of the release page, than details and finally SourceForge repository, I will probably be happy.

But I was in the wiki already (https://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Scribus) and from there there is the Download section that have the link to instructions about installing using Homebrew.

This page (https://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Scribus_and_Homebrew_Cask) is outdated, nobody can install anything using those commands. In my case, as I don't know Homebrew, I used a uninstaller to remove everything about Scribus from my OS so I could perform a simple brew cask installation. But to upgrade from the previous version, no way.

My suggestion: to update this page or just to remove it, since we can download de dmg file anyway.