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I use a two monitor setup. On one monitor I have the Scribus document I'm working on, and on the other I keep a selection of windows open, usually including Properties, Content Properties, Align and Distribute and Scrapbook.  There's enough space left to have a reference document such as an email, a LibreOffice document etc open. (See attachment).

Is it possible to have Scribus save the position of the open (Scribus) windows when the document is closed, or Scribus is ended, and have them re-open as they were when Scribus/the document is reloaded rather than have to shuffle them around just to get back to where I left off? I feel that although it is a minor irritation the cumulative time savings would be worthwhile.

I use KDE Plasma in Manjaro Linux. I have tried using the Window Settings in Plasma to try to trap the windows and position them where I want them but can't seem to get it to recognise the window and position them as I want. I'm also starting to experiment with QTile, but haven't progressed further than launching a couple of windows, so far, let alone configure it to open them where I want them! That's a rabbit hole I don't really want to go down if I don't have to.

Alternatively, if what I am asking for is not already available (perhaps a hidden setting - or something I've missed) will I need to see if I can come up with a pyautogui (or similar) script to achieve something close to what I want?