Trouble setting default type size in 1.5.0

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I use 1.5.0 because I'm running OS 10.11.6.  When I go to preferences and set the default typeface and type size it will not stay at the size I put in (12pt) but reverts to 11pt.  I have ot manually select and resize almost every other new line I type.  Am I doing something incorrectly?  BTW, I'm a former InDesign user so I'm having to relearn quite a bit!


If I recall correct Preferences only affects new documents, to affect the current document you need to use Document setup.

You should probably use styles instead of setting the default for text frames (because I think the default is only applied when the frame is created, so if you change the default already created frames will not be affected).

But I just tried here in 1.5.2 (closest version to 1.5.0 I have installed) and there is maybe a bug (version 1.5.0 is old). Even when changing the default for the text frame tool there was no change to a newly created text frame.