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How to import LaTeX package?



The Scribus wiki states the following:

--- Quote ---Just type your LaTeX code, but remember: The preamble and the end is added automatically during processing. So only add the parts between `\begin{document}` and `\end{document}`
--- End quote ---

If this is the case, how am I supposed to import additional LaTeX packages, given that these are normally called before the document begins?

I tried placing `\usepackage{chemfig}` in the LaTeX input, but that obviously resulted in a compilation error.

I've also tried using the `\chemfig{}` command without importing the package, but that obviously doesn't work either.

Thank you in advance for any help, and God bless.

Just figured it out. In the source editor there is a "Fonts/Headers" tab. There you can place package import headers.


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